What is Oliver 2052?

Before the inception of the Surround immersive experience, KIIWIII Studios was hard at work creating an immersive choose-your-own adventure story, titled “Oliver 2052.”

The theme of humanity’s intrinsic ties to technology in the modern world was predominant in our narrative and bled through into our thought process while redesigning our original experience which would eventually evolve into Surround.

Did we Quit?

With only two weeks until our exhibition date for Oliver 2052, Kiiwiii Studios had to make the tough executive call to set aside our many hours of work in order to focus on a more concise, polished experience for our booked date in the art gallery

Birth of Surround

With Oliver 2052 on the back-burner, we began to focus on creating an abstract experience with a similar theme by utilizing the technology we already had for the original experience including Projection Mapping (via Millumin) and LEDs powered by an Arduino Uno

Experimentation with the diffusion of light led us to the use of trash bags for the base of our structure as they are easily available and thus perfect for the scale of immersion we wished to reach in our environment.

The use of trash bags also led us to our secondary theme of the “pollution of the mind” that often accompanies an over-dependence on technology